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Happy Anniversary Bernadette & Leonardo! | Aug. 30, 2002

Flashback to 2002.  Queen of All Saints Basilica in Chicago, IL.

Happy Anniversary Bernadette & Leo. Rest In Peace Jun! Missing you as always.  Missing you too Edgar Allan.  Fantasy football is just not the same without you.

Is that Dino that I'm holding?  My nephew is now in Yale University in his senior year.  Time flies...

Leonardo Jr. (Jun) and Edgar Allan are my second cousins on my mom's side.  I grew up with them when my family lived in Chicago until 1979.

I moved back to Chicago in April 1989.  Jun, Allan and I watched and yelled in their basement when Michael Jordan hit The Shot versus Craig Ehlo, and the Chicago Bulls beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.  Thanks to Wikipedia, I now know it was May 7, 1989.
Each and every time I see that highlight of Michael Jordan hit the shot over Craig Ehlo, and he's pumping his fist, I get transported back to May 1989. Back to the basement in a house on Karlov St.  Back with you two.  Time flies indeed.
Jun succumbed to Leukemia in December 2009.  Allan, his younger brother, had a heart attack in March 2014.  Jun was two years younger than me; Allan, four years younger.  They were the only two children of my Tito Narding and Tita Lita, my mom's first cousin.  They were my brothers from another mother.

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