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Lolo Marciano on USS Midway

Remembering my Lolo, Marciano Presenta Perseveranda.

January 2, 1909 - January 27, 1992

Should've been taken by Tito Maning on his ship in US Naval Base Subic Bay.

Lola Rosita was still living in Chicago with my family.


Naval Legends: USS Midway. The first U.S. aircraft carrier too big to transit the Panama Canal

The idea to build a marvel like that was suggested by the US Navy’s Bureau of Ships as far back as in 1940. For American admirals, this was a dream: a carrier that would be robust as a battleship and have at least 120 aircraft on board. As a result, Midway was so much better than all other US Navy attack carriers, that it was distinguished as a new type — battlecarriers. Midway turned out to be a truly unsinkable ship.

US Navy Big Return to Subic Bay Naval base in the Philippines?

The United States Navy is planning to return to its former base in the Philippines under a commercial deal, the Philippine Navy chief said on Sunday, May 10, after an American equity firm and an Australian shipbuilder expressed keen interest in taking over the Subic shipyard from a bankrupt South Korean company.

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