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Watched Wonder Woman 1984

'The time of greatness is now.' Wonder Woman 1984

It's pretty cool it's set in the 80's, specifically 1984. No, it's not as good as the first Gal Gadot Wonder Woman film. The first WW film, released three years ago in 2017, has a 93% Tomatometer score and a 84% audience score at Rotten Tomatoes. WW84 only has 65% and 73% respectively. But Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman plus 80's fashion/trends -- I give it a 'thumbs up.'

I love Gal Gadot!

Gal Gadot tweeted:
I had so much fun tweeting along with all of you.
Keep sharing your thoughts and comments but please make sure you don’t spoil it for others :)
Thank you for all your love and support, we never take it for granted.
Spread love!

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