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Music Theory is Racist

Music Theory is really racist.

I hated music theory with a passion and I barely passed, but this video totally grabbed my attention. Mindblown, really.

I highlighted major points for those wishing to skim:

  • Gaga's "Bad Romance", Deadmaus (0:00);
  • Christina Perris "Thousand Years" is actually based on an Indian scale structure (9:31); 
  • Intricacies of Jazz (16:56); Race neutrality (23:56); 
  • Separation of "Analysis and Culture", 
  • Rap and Jazz are NOT music (25:10); 
  • Meshugga and James Brown is not music (31:10); 
  • White supremacy and Germany (32:38); 
  • Music theory is really racist (36:20); 
  • Learning through colored lenses (42:05).

Adam Neely rocks!

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