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Fishing while brown in Benicia, CA

Benicia CA: Local Karen's Husband Ken

Upsetting sad day to be a fisherman and witnessing my folks being yelled at for getting the spot waaaaaay before him at 3:30am and and was waiting for hightide at 1:30pm this so called Benicia CA. "LOCAL" guy and telling us we had to move cause locals spots are reserved for them even if they come later in the morning smh then wanted to call the cops cause we were there before him and wouldn't move and was gonna cast over our lines are you serious covid really got ppl tripping #1 fishing rule book have RESPECT period and 1st come 1st serve/early bird gets the worm hope and 🙏 this never happens to anyone and if you see this behavior please don't stand by please please please speak and stand up against this type Karen/Ken behavior nothing about race I only said it cause of him wanting to call the cops for something ridiculous cause we got to the spot first. People say we should have stayed quiet without having to yell, I was calm but couldn't hold it in anymore cause I knew he wouldn't let it go he kept coming back towards me well I tell ppl if you stay quiet those bullies will take it as a sign of weakness and continue bullying it's like how I raise my kids to stand up and don't keep quiet speak up if your in school being bullied ain't no different as adults!!!! Spread peace, love, kindness and above all have some respect 💯 be safe and stay healthy Godbless everyone & fish ooon ppl 🎣!!!!

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