Kimono Benicia Lunch: Glenn, Lorina & JF

Kimono Japanese Restaurant Lunch

Benicia, CA. January 29, 2024

Glenn, please reconsider.

As I sent an invite a couple days ago to a potential blogger for this site, I reviewed authors onsite. You are still one of them. I still hold out hope in that you would be active here since we have a bunch of friends not currently on Facebook, including Rudy and Arnel who are about to join you on a cruise.

I thought this would be a perfect time for you to turn on "Post Using Email" here on Blogger so that you can easily post during the cruise.

I understand that Facebook is your main form of blogging. You can easily download a photo or two after posting to Facebook. This would have resized the photo to the acceptable 2048 x 2048 pixels (or less) that allows this site to have unlimited storage. You can then email those photos to your secret blogger email address to post here. The photos would then be available to Rudy, Arnel and our other classmates not on Facebook (i.e. Irene, Rachel and Sally).

Sige na! 😉🙏  Please click > to setup "Post Using Email." 

You can post once a week lang. Or daily if you're up for it on your cruise. Salamat kaibigan.

Join me & blog with Pinoybuilt.

Sorry for the late post. If taken on my Sony full frame camera, I have to convert the raw photos, then edit in Adobe Lightroom. I joined Facebook in September 2007, so I have tons of digital photos prior to 2007 that I haven't posted yet as well. I will be posting to this blog/website going forward (rather than Facebook). I'd rather make money for Pinoybuilt instead of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. 😉

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