Dancing with and for her Beloved!

On Tuesday, Jun 12, 2023, just 30 days shy of her 60th birthday, we lost a beautiful lady, my sister Cecilia. Her Celebration of Life was held in Colorado early last week, but her family and close friends were able to be present when we laid her to rest on June 29th in Livermore, with her beloved husband, Zig.

… those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles." - Isaiah 40:31

Hello. My name is Eileen Beltran. I am one of Cecilia's siblings. Leslie, Cecilia, Alan and I were the four who were born in the Philippines. First the girls, then Alan. We immigrated to the US in 1968, where the last two were born... Diana and David.  She is one of my older sisters who I respectfully and affectionately called Ate Cecile

As my sisters mentioned at the Celebration of Life in Colorado, Ate Cecile was the first of many. I know for me, she was also the first to get a stick shift car. So I, of course, had to do the same! But she also was the first to go to UC Davis. The rest of my siblings chose to go to UC Berkeley, but no, I chose to follow my Ate Cecile, and I also went to UCD. In fact, my first year I lived with her and her friend Rose. However, she didn't want her little sister to hang around her! Well, that was because she really did study most of the time. At least I remember those late-night cram sessions. She did love her coffee and snacks in the wee hours! But many times, she was also busy learning more about Jesus Christ. You see, although we were born and raised as Catholics, Cecilia craved more. During her college career, she not only learned about electrical engineering, she also discovered Christ on a more personal level. 

After graduation, she worked at Chevron - her first career job, and married the love of her life, Zbigniew, who she lovingly called Zbyszek (even though we all knew him as Zig). But after his death 29 years ago, she followed her heart and truly committed her life to the Lord. For 28 years, she became a true prayer warrior, an intercessor and shared the Gospel not only with her family and friends, but throughout the world. 

She left her family in California, but she gained even a bigger family, a spiritual family, in Colorado where she was well loved and respected. Her education in electrical engineering did not go unused. She used it for our Lord! As mom mentioned, my sister had many health issues and we thought she would go to the Lord many years ago. However, her work was not yet done. If you had not had an opportunity to watch the Celebration of Life in Colorado please take the time to watch. It was truly a blessing to see and listen to those who knew her. The link can be found on her Ever-Loved memorial page

Her Celebration of Life can be viewed here:

On June 12th around 6:15am, Diana was watching the lightning off in the distance. Suddenly, an eagle came out of nowhere and flew by Cecilia’s hospital window. And stood straight up. Whether a vision or real, the eagle is a powerful symbol of strength, courage, freedom, spirit and immortality. 

I know she had a special heart for eagles. Every visit I made to Colorado, we had to visit one of her favorite places… Glen Eyrie. When translated, it is the Valley of the Eagle’s Nest. At times, she would point out the soaring eagles near the nests if they were there. 

After reading Diana’s message that morning, I began listening to the two hymns: On Eagle’s Wings and Eagles Wings.

Eagle's Wings

Here I am waiting / Abide in me I pray / Here I am longing for You.

Hide me in Your love / Bring me to my knees / May I know Jesus / More and more.

Come live in me / All my life / Take over /

 Come breathe in me / And I will rise / On Eagle’s Wings.

I wept and felt the Holy Spirit upon me. Although my sister Cecilia was still here with us on earth, our Lord was preparing me. He began comforting me and the following words poured forth… 

Do not be afraid.

I am here with our Lord, in His wonderful arms, which I have lived for, for many years as I devoted my life to Him. Only He knows all my cares and concerns but know He is our true and loving God. 


I am here in His arms as I watch from above. I don’t want to leave you in tears, and I see and feel your pain. As you spend time with me at my bedside, I see you hurt so much, but please know I am at peace... 
Where I belong. 

I am spending time with my Beloved. It pains me to see you hurt so much, but please know that I am always going to be at your side, watching from above.

Daddy is here waiting for me. As is Zbyshek. And they will guide me Home.

Do not cry tears of sadness, but tears of joy.

I love you, my dear sis. I know we didn’t always agree but know you have a beautiful heart.

I love you! Do not cry and weep for me. I am where I can do most for you.

These were the words that flowed through me while I prayed before going to see my sister in the hospital. My family was truly blessed to have this final week with her to say goodbye for now. Although saddened to see her go, we believe she is with her Beloved, with our Heavenly Father. 

My sister was faithful in so many ways. Her faith gives us strength to move forward and hopefully live our lives as she would want us to live… with complete trust in our Lord, just as she did. Maybe finally finding our voice and dance to rejoice with her as she dances from above!

Our family want to thank you for attending and celebrating the life of our dear sister, Cecilia. Your presence and your support mean so much to us during this difficult time. Thank you.

Ate Cecile, you've been set free! Set free from your pain and suffering! It is time for you to rejoice! To sing and dance for your Beloved, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father! 

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