Karambit Blade Work With Doug Marcaida

Guro Doug Marcaida demonstrates the uses of the karambit blade.

The karambit is an exotic curved blade used in both Indonesian and Filipino martial arts.

With "Asian Hate" just increasing (thanks Donald Trump), I highly recommend each person in the family having a karambit on hand for self defense.

I had misplaced the karambit I bought from Walmart years ago. It had cost me $30 in 2017.

I bought the Snake Eye black karambit off Amazon when I was in Los Angeles a few months ago since I was driving around at night all over LA. It only cost $14.99 and arrived the next day via Amazon Prime.

With my recommendation, my nephew who attends UC Berkeley got the same Snake Eye karambit, but a blue one.

It's totally legal, as Doug Marcaida mentions in the video below.

Years ago, I was flagged by a security guard because the karambit was on my belt, hung by the belt clip.

Today, I usually carry it in my pocket or backpack. But when I get out of the car at night, whether home or away, I'll have it open and ready in my strong hand, even if I'm carrying groceries.

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