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Annie & AJ arrive in New York City

Flashback: May 12, 1997 - Monday

Annie and A.J. joined our NYC crew after Tony, Marie and I had been there a week.  The five of us shared Tony's room with two full beds.  If the two ladies shared one bed, and Tony shared his bed, A.J. and I must've taken turns on the floor.

Here are a few comments in our group chat that I can share:

Hi guys!!! Just watching Godzilla on tv n thought of the time when we happened to bump into wall street and they were filming those peeps carrying all them black umbrellas. Hope u all r doing good. Take care! :))

Good times!! Man, May is a good time to go!!

Hi hi! Fun times on that trip! 😊 I have some pix scanned. I’ll check to see.

Thanks for the snoring lol

Crazy people

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