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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Erin go bragh

St. Patrick's Day always reminds of me of Chicago. I can think of only one city in the world that dyes its river green -- Chicago! It's close to my heart since that's the first place we lived in in the USA, from 1976-1979. After my family moved to California, I moved back in 1989.  Lots of fond memories.

I'll have to find a photo from back-in-the-day partying on Rush St.

Chicago River dyeing 2021: Green makes appearance for toned down St. Patrick's Day celebrations

Chicago River Dyed Green - St Patrick's Day 2018 Drone Time Lapse

From Wikipedia

The city has many different Saint Patrick's Day celebrations, the most famous being the dyeing of the Chicago River. Each year, the city hosts a parade downtown, which is preceded by the dyeing of the Chicago River. The dyeing of the river involves thousands of people lining the banks of the river and watching as a boat releases dye into the river and turns the river a kelly green color. The Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Union Local 130 has historically sponsored the river dyeing and knows the secret to the dye mix.[58]

Another famous celebration is the South Side Irish parade. This is known as more of a celebration by those of Irish heritage rather than a popular activity attended by people of all heritages like the downtown celebration has been known. This parade features traditional Irish dancers, as well as various businesses and organisations from around the city. This parade has been scaled back in recent years as the Saint Patrick's Day committee announced that it was becoming too large for the community to handle. In 2010, the South Side Parade was suspended. Due in part to pressure from community businesses—particularly pubs and package goods stores—as well as local churches on the city, the parade was reinstated in 2012. Of the various St. Patrick's Day parades in Chicago, the South Side parade tries to be family friendly and currently has a zero tolerance policy for public alcohol consumption while attending the parade.[59]

The Chicago White Sox baseball team, who play on the South side, are known for their "Halfway to Saint Patrick's Day" promotion held in September, when the team wears white jerseys with green pinstripes and caps, in lieu of the usual black.

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