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Australian Open 2021: Naomi Osaka vs Jennifer Brady Championship Match Highlights

I wanted to watch it live, but I fell asleep.

I think it started here past midnight, maybe 12:30 AM.  I miss playing competitive tennis.  In high school,  during my senior year, we met this man who was in his seventies.  He said he started playing tennis in his mid-sixties.  A few of us rallied with him at the Amador tennis courts in Vallejo, and he was hanging with us varsity players.  He used a slice on both forehand and backhand.  His shots were slow, but he returned most of our shots.  His slow returns actually gave him time to get back to the middle of the baseline.  So back then, I thought I'd be playing this sport into my 70's.

But, I tore my ACL thirty years ago playing basketball.  Then I played on that torn ACL for five years before getting it repaired.  I even joined a judo tournament with that torn ACL!  For the love of competition...

One of these days, I'll go back to Melbourne and watch the Australian Open live.

Watch the Match Highlights from Naomi Osaka's triumph over Jennifer Brady, in the 2021 Australian Open Women's Singles Final.

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