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Carolyn Dayoan: Baylink Ferry Commuters

Thanks Facebook Memories & Carol for this.

Flashback to when we commuted from Vallejo to San Francisco via San Francisco Bay Ferry.  Vince and I taught everyone Pusoy Dos.  We played everyday, sometimes in the morning ride and on the ride home.  All of us were so much into the game that each of us carried a deck of cards.  Since this was before the ferry got its liquor license, we would bring a bottle of wine when it was someone's birthday.  Miss my 'ferry friends.'

I started riding the ferry in 1997 and rode it for a year and a half.  I stopped when I lost my monthly ferry pass on the ferry bus late in 1999.  Since the old ferries broke down often back then and we had to ride the ferry bus, I switched to casual carpool.

Carolyn Dayoan: Baylink Ferry Commuters
J.F., Carol & Kevin | Photo courtesy of Carolyn Dayoan-Ortega

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