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September 3, 2016: Watched Athletics vs Red Sox - Jose Canseco Bobblehead Day

Throwback to September 3, 2016

September 3, 2016: We watched the Oakland Athletics host the Boston Red Sox on Jose Canseco Bobble Bobble-head Day.  Got to take a photo with Banjo Man (aka Stacy Samuels).  I think David Ortiz hit one out.  I remember reminding Jian to pay extra attention when Ortiz was at bat.

Found the game log at Baseball Reference.  Ortiz went 3 for 4, with two doubles, 1 run and 2 RBI's.  He was almost 41 years old.  Amazing.

My son was 14 years old and still kissed me on the cheek.  Now, he's 18yo, a freshman in college and works for Amazon.  Time flies.

Jian with Oakland's Banjo Man.

It was Jose Canseco Bobblehead Day: 1986 Rookie of the Year

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