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The Racist Origins of U.S. Law

I've recently subscribed to PBS' ORIGIN OF EVERYTHING

I love learning about origins of all things.  I'm hooked.  I love Danielle Bainbridge.  Give her channel a follow (subscription).
Danielle Bainbridge is a fun loving, history nerd who will never shy away from a good debate or bad joke. She has a PhD in African American Studies and American Studies from Yale University, graduated Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in English and Theatre Arts, and is a new faculty member at Northwestern University in Theatre and African American Studies. Which basically means her interests run the gamut from big Broadway musicals to the social and political movements of the last 200 years. She loves sharing her niche interests and enthusiasm with all of the Origin fans out there! And she takes any chance she gets to let people know she’s a Ravenclaw who can’t snap with her left hand.

Laws are intended to maintain order and promote justice, but what happens when those laws promote and spread discrimination and bigotry? Today Danielle analyzes the discriminatory history US law, tracing its origins in colonialism and chattel slavery up through the Jim Crow era and today's mass incarceration.

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