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What If The Pandemic Stays During The November Presidential Election?

2020 is an election year, and President Trump will of course be running for re-election, that is if the polls are even open by then.

What will the country do if the Coronavirus Pandemic lasts until November? Social distancing and quarantine measures would prevent voters from gathering in the masses to cast their votes. So does that mean Trump would automatically stay President? Or would we vote electronically, but hackers could take advantage of that, so what's the answer? Watch our new crazy video to find out what could happen if the Pandemic lasts during the Presidential election. -- The Infographics Show

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Friday, April 24, 2020
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The Coronavirus Means The 2020 Primary Season Will End Later Than Ever

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, but the 2020 primary season is only getting longer — because the public-health threat posed by the new coronavirus keeps delaying primary elections. A grand total of 17 presidential primaries have now been postponed on account of the pandemic.
Since our last dispatch on this topic, four more states have been added to the ranks: Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and New Jersey. In addition, five places that had already postponed their primaries rescheduled a second time: Ohio, Puerto Rico, Georgia, Louisiana and Connecticut. All these moves have left us with a presidential primary calendar that is extremely backloaded.

Since March 17 — the last big competitive primary day and the first that really ran up against the coronavirus scare — only three states have wrapped up their presidential primaries. By contrast, nine contests are now slated for June 2, which has become a sort of unexpected mini Super Tuesday. And five primaries are now taking place after June 9, which was originally the last day for states to hold their primaries without penalty.
Given the circumstances, it wouldn't be surprising if the Democratic National Committee decides to go easy on them, but some of these primaries are really late. Connecticut's, for example, is now scheduled for Aug. 11, which is just a week before the Democratic National Convention (which was itself rescheduled). And according to presidential primaries expert and FiveThirtyEight contributor Josh Putnam, that would be the latest contest ever in the modern era of presidential primaries.
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