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FAQ: How do I comment on the site?

Pinoybuilt.com uses Disqus as its commenting system.

Disqus will connect the various sub-sites or sub-communities under Pinoybuilt.com.  See la.pinoybuilt.com and ny.pinoybuilt.com.

How do I comment on a post? At the bottom of each post is the Disqus comment box.  You'll need to create a Disqus account.  You can easily create one using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account.  Follow our forum disqus.com/home/forum/pinoybuilt-com (& our founder/editor).

If you have other questions, check out our FAQ page at https://www.pinoybuilt.com/p/faq.html.  If what you're looking for is not there, post your question in the Disqus comment box. 😉

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