All gave some. Some gave all. #MemorialDay2023

Via @votevets Today is #MemorialDay. While it has become a day for BBQ's, beaches and sales, please remember the real reason for this day, and why so many have off work to observe it.

Interestingly, no one agrees where Memorial Day started. Numerous places claim it, which only proves how important we as a nation agree it is to remember our fallen.

At any rate, the name Memorial Day wasn't official until 1967, some 100+ years after the first observances.
This is also not Veterans Day. While we'd argue any day is a good one to thank a Veteran for their service, and ask how they are, today is dedicated to those we've lost.

It's not a "Happy" day, either.

Take some time today to think about those who died in service to our country. Attend a Memorial Day event, if possible.

Think of the families of the fallen, and those who served with them on this solemn day.

We ask so much of our countrypeople who serve in uniform. Many made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Today is about them and a grateful nation they gave everything to.


#votevets #neverforget

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