Reunion: Salie Pangelinan & Ron Stainer.

Who remembers Salie Pangelinan?

She's Salie Winkelmann now. Happily married with three adult sons, and two grandkids. How awesome! 

I wanted to invite all of our class since Salie moved to St. Louis, Missouri right after high school graduation. But she said she didn't think folks would remember her, as she would also have trouble remembering folks.

Thanks for meeting up with Ron and me, Salie. By the way, Salie and I were neighbors at Toni Ct from seventh grade until October of ninth grade when we moved to another house, my parents' current house.

It was great catching up with you and Ron. I'll edit the other photos, add it to the short videos I shot, then upload to my YouTube channel. Please subscribe.

Thanks for the beer again! Go #HoganSpartans #HoganHighSchool

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