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Warriors outscored the Celtics 15-3 in the closing minutes of Game 4. Two to go.

Final 4:32 WILD ENDING Warriors vs Celtics - Game 4 NBA Finals πŸ”₯

The Celtics led 94-92 with 4:30 remaining in the game.  Warriors outscored the Celtics 15-3 in the closing minutes.  Here's what went down in the closing minutes:
  1. Klay Thompson with a three; Curry with the assist. 4:26 left. Warriors 95-94.
  2. Jayson Tatum misses three-point shot from top of key; Wiggins defended. Draymond rebound. Warriors timeout at 3:21. Warriors lead 97-94.
  3. Poole comes in for Draymond. Curry missed a FG with Horford defending.
  4. Smart missed corner three, Draymond defending. Brown gets the rebound. Tatum drove to the hoop but Wiggins forces him to give up to Smart. Smart missed another three, with Draymond putting on the pressure. Wiggins rebound. 2:34 left.
  5. Smart locks up the ball on Wiggins. Jump ball. 2:11 left, Warriors still leads 97-94. Horford gets the tip. 
  6. Jaylen Brown wants to drive to the basket, but Klay Thompson forces him to give up the ball to Horford. Horford misses the three from the top of the key; Curry with the rebound. 1:53 left.
  7. Curry to Green, back to Curry. Splash with Derrick White defending! Warriors 100-94 with 1:42 left.  Shot of Dell Curry and his new blond girlfriend.
  8. Smart to Tatum to Horford in the corner. Wiggins again defended Tatum, who again gave up the ball. Horford hits the three.  Warriors' lead cut down to 100-97 with 1:32 left.
  9. Klay misses a three; Draymond with the rebound. Green passes to Curry, back to Green who dishes to Looney for the layup.  Warriors up 102-97 with 1:04 left.
  10. Smart brings up the ball who passes to Jaylen Brown cutting to the basket. Klay was guarding Brown, but it was Wiggins who knocks the ball out.  Brown loses the ball with Klay pressuring him against the sidelines. 56.1 seconds left.
  11. Curry drives to the basket, and gets fouled by Horford. Steph makes both free throws. Dubs 104-97, 47.7 seconds left.
  12. Brown to Horford to Smart to White. White misses the corner three.  I think Tatum last shot the ball at 3:21. 

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