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Philippines should lift quarantine requirements for vaccinated tourists, travel experts say

I agree with this!

I had a cousin who went home to the Philippines in April from Dubai.  She was already vaccinated, but she still had to quarantine in Makati.  Due to her OFW status, she did not have to pay for her hotel.  But still, she lost valuable time of her limited vacation.  Even worse, she was trying to get back home in time for her father's birthday.

My mom's sister, auntie Manye, had to cancel her trip to the Philippines due to the exorbitant cost.  She is also vaccinated, but she would have to pay for her hotel stay due to the quarantine requirements.  That is in addition to the high cost of the flight back home to the Philippines.  Auntie told me her flight would have cost more than $2300!
The Philippine Consul General in New York meets with tourism experts to discuss the Philippines’ travel restrictions amid the pandemic. This as some Filipino Americans hope they could finally visit the homeland now that they’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Don Tagala has more.

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