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New York City: Raise your torch!


Flashback to New York City, May 1997

Tony, Marie and I went to the Big Apple the first week of May 1997.  Tony must've flown ahead on Sunday May 4.  Marie and I flew separately on Monday May 5.  Annie and A.J. arrived the following Monday, May 12.  That's 24 years ago today Annie.  Let's have a New York pizza.  Actually, I prefer Chicago deep dish pizzas. :D

According to Tony, we stayed at Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel.  I just remember we were so close to Columbus Circle and Central Park.  We didn't even explore a fraction of Central Park because we were out exploring late at night.  LOL.  We also walked to watch Miss Saigon at the Broadway Theatre.

Why do I remember the dates so easily?  This was my vacation between jobs.  I had left Home Express which was then under Chapter 11.  I had tentatively accepted a position at PGE's Technology Service Center (internal call center).  The agency and I were finalizing the terms. I received the fax at the hotel lobby and secured a substantial pay raise my first day in NYC.  I would start work at PG&E on Monday May 19.  Totally unforgetful.  Thanks for the memories Tony, Marie, Annie and A.J.  More pics/scans to come.  Here's to the Big Apple!

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