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Lemonade - Jeremy Passion feat. Luke Edgemon & Tori Kelly

Jeremy Passion

My kids had turned me onto 'Lemonade' and Jeremy Passion a few years ago.  Please follow his YouTube channel 'PassionSF'.  He uploaded this video on May 1, 2014.
10 years ago, I made a song that I didn't think would ever make it past the ears of San Francisco. During a time and age of the internet when Youtube didn't exist and the word "viral" would never be paired with the likes of a young asian kid on an acoustic guitar singing R&B, I sang my little heart out just because music was my passion.

10 years later (2014), i've been blessed with the opportunity to write and sing many songs throughout the decade, travel around the world, and share with people my music and message (life has been so rewarding).

So, to celebrate 10 years of making music independently, I would like to bring back my old classic, "Lemonade", since I never really made a video for it. Was really blessed to have my amazingly-talented friends, Luke Edgemon and Tori Kelly accompany me with their sweet and soulful harmonies.

For 10 years of music and many more years to come, I just wanted to thank YOU, my listeners, supporters, friends, and family, for being apart of my music and ministry all these years. May God bless you all!

Please continue to support independent music. We need you.

Philippians 1:6,
Jeremy Passion Manongdo
Twitter/Instagram/Vine: @jeremypassion

BIG SHOUTOUTS to Andrew Rose for filming and directing this video! He's the man!

Equipment Used:
Camera: Mark III 5D
Audio: Zoom H4N & RØDE iXY Mic for iPhone

Lemonade on Soundcloud - Jeremy Passion Feat. Luke Edemon & Tori Kelly

Listen to Jeremy Passion on Spotify

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