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Where's the party birthday boy?!

Follow @JFPerseveranda. June 26, 2020 at 01:45PM

So my favorite story of Jim is from when we were big bad 9th graders at Springstowne Jr. High. Being big and skilled in martial arts, Jim was always down for 'action.' He was like Bolo in Enter The Dragon. First period in Mrs. Applegate's math class, "Troy" asked for answers on the math test. If you remember Troy, he was one of the best athletes in our class. I'm like, WTH we sit right in front of the teacher. NO. (Plus I don't cheat). Fast forward to after school and I'm walking back to my locker after PE. Troy comes at me and throws his elbow into me. I bounce into a fighting stance, do my best Bruce Lee impersonation, and motion to Troy with my fingers ala Bruce Lee. "Oh you know martial arts. I don't want to get suspended." I'm like,"YESS!" "Subdue the enemy without fighting." Sun Tzu. But then Jim goes,"Let's take it outside in front of the library!" Awww Jim. 😲😨😜

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