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Hello my fellow Filipino


Hello my fellow Filipino.

Your from New York po? is it okay if i will ask a Help po. Please (not money) I'm finding a Person po who lives in New York, I can't contact her.. Actually she is my girlfriend I'm a Filipino and she is American. Someone threatning her and message her, and it comes to deactivate her account.even her number i can contact too.. Please would you help me to Find her.. I'm begging to all of you my fellow Filipino-American.. Please help me to find Shane.

Her name is Shane Ruth J. Smith., she lives in Halcyon condominium in 20th floor, and they have a house in xxx, Brooklyn NY 11234, I know it's private to give her address.. it's okay to request also, give her a bunch of flowers and chocolates and please say that I really Love Her so much.. And i will find a way just to see her again.. And I LOVE HER SO MUCH. please kababayan Help me, and grant my request.. I will treasure your help.
Maraming Salamat po. Regards, Joel Drake Ca-ay | joeldrakey@gmail.com

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