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Event: 9th Annual SF Filipino American Jazz Festival

CRSB is a musical duo based out of the San Francisco Bay Area who create their own brand of Island Soul-infused Pop. Consisting of members Chris Ramos and Sonny B., CRSB combines honest and memorable songwriting with a heart right out of the islands.

The Autonomous Region presents both classic standards and modern arrangements of jazz favorites. Led by vocalist Caroline Cabading, the band began presenting original compositions fusing jazz with the pre-colonial tribal music of the Philippines.

On The One is a Vallejo-based trio of young jazz enthusiasts that have captivated their audiences with their unique sound that is at once retro jazz fusion as in the music of Bob James and also acid jazz featuring the ever danceable organ-trio type riffs and grooves.

Raffy Lata was born and raised in the Philippines and he began playing guitar when he was 8 years old. He learned to play by intently listening to various recordings and observing other guitar players.

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