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I recommend NordVPN if you need a VPN service.

Got @NordVPN & @utorrent; my laptop has run out of disk space. Cleanup time. 🐱‍💻

I used to subscribe to NordVPN for three years.

But then I did not renew the subscription.

I could have really used the VPN when I was in Dubai because most streaming services would not allow me to access or view my United States-based accounts such as Fubo.tv or HBO Max.  I had to spend an extra $1 to sign up on NFL.com to watch Super Bowl LVI between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals.

My San Francisco 49ers should have beaten the Bengals in the Super Bowl. It would've been the third time for that same matchup in the championship game. Sayang.  That's ok -- we still love you Jimmy G!

So now I've got NordVPN again.  It's been the number one VPN service for how many years now.  Google 'VPN' and you'll see it's on every list, if not at the top of the list.

At first, I connected to the  Mexico location.  But I switched to the USA default connection for me since it was located in Kansas.  I ended up cracking myself up yesterday.  I was signing up for a PCR test, and of course tried to bring up test sites by location.  It kept showing PCR test sites out of Kansas City! LOL.  Then I remembered I had NordVPN.  I turned it off, and I subsequently signed up with Curative.  PCR done.

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